Honor Guard & Grave Ceremony

Confederate Honor Guards and Grave Ceremonies are events that are typically held at cemeteries and other burial sites dedicated to soldiers who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. These events are typically organized by local historical societies, veterans groups, or other organizations that are committed to preserving the memory and legacy of Confederate soldiers.

The Confederate Honor Guard is a group of individuals who are selected to perform a special duty at these events. Typically, they are dressed in period uniforms and carry weapons that would have been used during the Civil War era. They are responsible for providing a ceremonial guard around the gravesite and ensuring that the site is properly honored and respected.

The Grave Ceremony is a formal event that typically involves a range of activities, including speeches, prayers, the laying of wreaths and flowers, and the playing of taps. These events are intended to commemorate the sacrifice of Confederate soldiers and to honor their memory.